Culinary Meat Cuisine in Rotterdam & The Hague

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Meatcave: Sustainable Meat Cuisine from the Big Green Egg

High quality dining in an awesome setting. Fresh ingredients from all around the world. No menu, only a daily changing chef’s menu. Each course is fully prepared on the charcoal of a Big Green Egg. That is the Meatcave.

We contribute to a healthier and happier world by only using high quality meat of low environmental impact and minimalizing waste. For example we make use of ‘Dual Use Cows’. Where normally the live of a ‘milk cow’ would end after them being able to give milk, these cows get rest and food to grow further to become a ‘meat cow’. By serving a dual purpose this cow has a lower impact on our planet and serves us with great cheese and great meat.

Robert Lobensteijn Master Firechef Meatcave


Restaurant Meatcave Rotterdam is open every day of the week. We are located in the Witte de Withkwartier. Please note your dietary wishes upon reservation.
From 18.00h
Address: Eendrachtsweg 27B SO Rotterdam (around the corner Witte de Withstraat)
Telephone/Whatsapp: +31 (0)6 298 96 237
Email: (reservations only through the link below or by phone)


Open Tuesday – Sunday from 17.00h
Address: Prinsestraat 5a The Hague
Telephone/Whatsapp: +31 (0) 6 15 23 21 80
Email: (reservations only  by phone or link below)
Reservations online through link below
Please note your allergies and dietary wishes upon reservations. We don’t serve ala carte so it enables us to adjust the chefsmenu to your wishes.
For groups we offer our private big table, suitable for a maximum of 20 guests. Part of Meatcave The Hague is award winning bar Bricks “Hooch & Brew” where you can enjoy the best drinks before and after dinner.



Open daily from 17.00h
Address: Prinsestraat 5a The Hague
Telephone/Whatsapp: +31 (0) 6 15 23 21 80
No reservations, just walk in.


Three course menu (starter - main - dessert OR starter - inbetween - main)


Daily changing chefsmenu. Share your dietary restrictions timely so we can create you a suiting dinner. We have a vegetarian menu when requested in advance.

Four course menu (smaller dishes)


Do you prefer smaller dishes or just want to experience more Meatcave dishes? Choose this option. You can also extend with more dishes.

Each next course


Daily changing courses. Max. of 8 courses.

Wine-, beer pairing menu


Starting from

Wine-, beer- and drinksmenu

From Italian Amarone to French Champagne. We love our drinks and scout out the most special ones and drag them in our cave.


From the first course till dessert all six of us where only hearing "oh's" and "ah's" from each other. A true journey of tastes, guided by an enthusiastic chef and host.

Carolien D.THE FORK (Average 9+)

Lovely prepared meat of the charcoalgrill in five courses. Dessert and coffee or tea after. Take your time to dine, the people in this restaurant take the time for you.

Muriel B.Tripadvisor (average 4,5*)