Sustainable meat

Modern way of eating meat

At the Meatcave you only eat meat from the Big Green Egg. Sustainable and responsible. We realize this through a close cooperation with our farms and butchers. We carefully choose our meat with quality and durability in mind. The animals are free to roam. No bio industry. No chemicals. No antibiotics. Just pure meat and we’d like to share this with you.

We pride ourselves on sustainable and culinary meat.

Tough name

Refined background

At the end of 2015, brother and sister Pim and Joëlle opened the first restaurant in Leiden. The Meatcave was situated in a historic stone cellar with only ten tables where guests enjoyed culinary meat. The Cave has grown into two spacious, beautiful top locations and even an award-winning cocktail bar. Everything is still cooked without a menu on the Big Green Egg. So be surprised and enjoy meat in a conscious, responsible way.

Jo’s Ribs Takeaway

The founders of Meatcave (brother and sister) have been fighting for years who can make the best Ribs on the Big Green Egg. Joëlle has often won the popularity prize. Normally Meatcave focuses on more refined and smaller courses. But now during the COVID-19 closure, the chefs are temporarily going to make these great ribs for you to enjoy at home. Order your portion now and pick them up in Rotterdam or The Hague.

A portion contains

  • Half pork rib (500-600g) of the Patron pig with Meatcave Rub on the Big Green Egg slowly cooked and smoked.
  • Fresh Japanese-Korean Kimchi Salad from Meatcave
  • Tortilla from the Big Green Egg
  • Meatcave BBQ Sauce
19.50 per portion

10,- Bricks Cocktail (The Hague only)
9.50 bottle of red or white wine
4,- beer

Jo’s Ribs are available every Friday and Saturday during the Corona Crisis. Ordering is possible until 12.00pm on the day of collection. Pick-up is possible at Meatcave Rotterdam and The Hague between 17:00 and 20:00. There is limited availability so order on time.
Order via Whatsapp or call us. Let us know how many portions, which day you want to pick up and maybe add a drink. Payment is made immediately with a Tikkie.
Order Rotterdam: +31629896237
Order The Hague: +31615232180

Meatcave The Hague

Under the flaming supervision of Big Green Egg Chef Robert Lobensteijn, charcoal is burned to cook live for you in The Hague Prinsestraat. Come for a chef’s menu or main course and taste how culinary and responsible meat can be.

Book a table in The Hague
Group table up to 20 people (larger groups on request)
Award-winning cocktail bar
Average with an 8.9+ rated (Fork, 170+ reviews)
Renewed & cosy terrace for dinner and drinks

Meatcave Rotterdam

Bartlomiej Nowak, chef in Rotterdam can’t stay a minute away from his fire kitchen. Fermenting, baking, dry-aging… The Rotterdam Chef’s menu changes weekly and is full of responsible culinary surprises and the Big Green Egg is his favorite tool.

Book a table in Rotterdam
Rated on average with a 9.3+ (Fork, 560+ reviews)
Group table up to 8 people (larger groups on demand)
Courtyard garden for fresh air

Bricks “Hooch & Brew”

At the end of 2019, elected by Esquire for “Best New Cocktail Bar of The Netherlands”. The bar of Meatcave The Hague has quickly become the Cocktail Hotspot of The Hague. Experience the special cocktails of the creative mixologists and combine it with a platter of bites on the terrace.

During the Corona COVID-19 crisis it is possible to get Bricks cocktails delivered by our own bartenders on Wednesday to Saturday. This in collaboration with Van Kleef (liquor store). Are you 18+? Then download the instructions via the button below.

Now 45 bikeminutes from the bar and also lower priced options! Take away possible on fri-sat between 17.00-20.00.
Reservations not possible.
Cocktails are made to individual taste. No menu.
Cosy terrace in the middle of The Hague
Drinks menu & Workshops



All restaurants will remain closed until it is justified to reopen. As soon as this is known, we will communicate this. In the meantime, we are putting all the energy into updating things to continue with a nicer and stronger Meatcave and Bricks than ever! Meatcave & Bricks The Hague gets a renewed cosy terrace. Meatcave Rotterdam is equipped with a new kitchen!

You can support us by buying a gift voucher online.

We work with a chef’s menu with only fresh ingredients. Do you have allergies or dietary requirements? Please let us know by telephone at least 24 hours in advance or via a comment in the reservation. The fresh vegetarian menu is available only 24 hours in advance on reservation.

Due to the Corona COVID-19 crisis, we will start working in two shifts from opening. Shift 1 starts between 5.30pm and 7pm. Shift 2 from 7.30pm. Check the menu for what’s possible within a shift.

Shift 2: Chef’s menu (surprise menu, starting from 7.30pm)

Three courses


Daily changing chef's menu. Two varieties available: an appetizer, main course and dessert or an appetizer, intermediate dish and main course. All dishes normally consist of a special meat dish.

Four courses


Five courses


Six courses


Seven courses


Shift 2 Tasting menu (starting from 7.30pm)

Four courses


Four smaller dishes.
Shift 1 (start time between 5.30pm – 7.00pm)

Three course summer tasting


Three smaller dishes

Maincourse from the chef


Daily changing main course. For a more rapid visit to the Cave.
Wine or Beer Pairings

Three course arrangement


Paired drinks with the Chefs' or Tasting Menu

Four course arrangement


Five course arrangement


Six course arrangement


Seven course arrangement


Bob arrangement (wine)

Three course arrangement


Suitable wine in smaller quantity

Four course arrangement


Five course arrangement


Six course arrangement


Seven course arrangement


Bites (The Hague only)

Bad Ass Bricks Bites


Mixed bites for four

Average Joe Bricks Bites


Mixed bites for 2



Three types of charcuterie from our butcher

Freshly baked bread


With olive oil and butter



Dried Spanish sausage

Cave Bites


A variety of three different types of bites. Warm from the Big Green Egg.

Cheese platter


Three different cheeses
Cocktails (The Hague only)

Tailormade Cocktail


Describe your taste and preference to the mixologist. Starting price.



Fun without alcohol
Workshops only available in The Hague @ Bricks. Learn from the best! An outing with your colleagues or friends. From 2 to 10 participants. Inquire about availability via

Pro Bartender Workshop


2.5 hours lesson from Bricks Pros. Three cocktails included. Price per participant. At least two participants per workshop. The pro workshop is available from Tuesday to Friday at 4.00pm.

Rookie Bartender Workshop


1.5 hours lesson from Bricks Pros. Two cocktails included. Price per participant. At least two participants per workshop. Rookie workshop starts at 5pm on Tuesday through Friday.

Meatcave The Hague

Tuesday – Sunday: From 5 p.m.
In good weather, the terrace is open earlier
Prinsestraat 5a-7 The Hague

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Bricks “Hooch & Brew” The Hague

Tuesday – Sunday: From 5 p.m.
In good weather, the terrace is open earlier
Prinsestraat 5a-7 The Hague

Meatcave Rotterdam

Monday – Sunday: From of 18:00

Eendrachtsweg 27BSO – Rotterdam

Book a table in Rotterdam